WFT603 seed is available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in 2016. The suggested retail price is below $12.00 but individual Growers are setting their seed price. Co-op fees will be $2.00 from each bushel of wheat sold will go back to the Co-op to fund the breeding program. Please contact the Growers below for information on seed availability or call Haylee at 1-877-250-1552.

WFT603 – General Purpose Wheat

* High yielding        * Lodging – Good

* Loose Smut – Resistant      *  Leaf spot, Stem Rust, & Leaf Rust – Intermediate

* Stripe Rust & Fusarium – Moderately Resistant

Strengths: High yield potential; improved resistance to fusarium head blight over check varieties, good disease  resistance.

Additional Comments: Best adapted to Zone 1 in the General Purpose trials in 2012. Zone 1 is the black soil zone in Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan.

WFT603 Seed Growers

Name Phone Email
Fritz Ag Ltd – Baine Fritzler, Govan, SK (306) 484-4612
Ramsee McGrath, Leroy, SK (306) 286-3268
Robert Stevenson ~ Kenton, MB (204) 838-2012
Rourke Farms ~ Minto, MB 1-877-250-1552 

For more information on trial data view the January 2016 Newsletter.


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