Wheat Varieties

The Co-op is pleased to announce that the first registered WFGD Co-op variety will be available for commercial release in Spring 2015. WFT 603 is an awned, medium height, Canadian Western General Purpose Wheat.

  • High yield potential, 102% of AC Andrew, 105% of 5702PR, and 104% of Pasteur in Zone 1 (MB and SE SK), General Purpose Co-op Trials (Two year average 2011& 2012)
  • Average maturity for spring wheat
  • Improved Fusarium Head Blight over AC Andrew
  • Disease Resistance:
  • Moderately resistant to FHB
  • Resistant to Leaf Rust
  • Moderate Resistant to Intermediate to Stem Rust
  • Good resistance to Common Bunt
  • Intermediate to Loose Smut

Click to see theĀ Press Release for WFGD Co-op Ltd. January 2014


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