The Co-op is accepting memberships from the Provinces:

· Manitoba      · Saskatchewan      · Alberta

Three types of membership:

Active Agricultural Member — a member who is an active agricultural producer either by growing crops or by raising livestock, and who will have access to seed developed by the cooperative to be used for the benefit of their operation.

Associated Member — a member who realizes the benefit of the cooperative and is willing to contribute by way of membership fees but is not currently involved in agricultural production practices.

Non-Farming Corporate Member —  a member that is not an active agricultural producer but a corporate entity that will benefit from the activities of the cooperative. This member may provide services to agricultural producers or their business may be associated with agriculture or with the utilization of the varieties developed.

The WFGD Co-op Ltd. membership fee schedule and membership declaration is outlined on the New Membership Form

If you have any questions about membership please contact us.

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