The Western Feed Grain Development Co-op Ltd. is a farmer directed breeding program established in December 2005; created by farmers, for farmers, to benefit farms, livestock production operations, ethanol facilities, and local communities across Western Canada. Since the initiation of the Co-op there have been many significant changes that have occurred within Canadian agriculture including changes to grain classes and requirements, grain marketing, changes in priorities for federal funding, etc. The WFGD Co-op has continued to operate the farmer directed spring wheat breeding program to meet the changing needs of Western Canadian grain producers, the livestock industry as well as the ethanol industry. This small, dedicated organization was formed by three founding Directors with a dream to develop “feed wheat” varieties that they could use on their own farms for livestock feed instead of relying on “feed wheat” by default due to negative impacts of disease and weather.

WFGD Co-op is a unique concept in that farmers can invest and participate in the development of varieties that they can use on their own farm. Grain produced from WFGD seed can be utilized to feed livestock on farm or market to a variety of different markets. The Coop is focussed on developing general purpose class wheat that can be utilized in many markets providing many marketing options for farmers.

The Co-op is incorporated in Manitoba and is also registered in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Co-op is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of six grain and livestock producers representing Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

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